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 / Acosta Mums and Garters of El Paso

Acosta Mums and Garters design and create mums and garters for special events. Specializing in supporting high school homecoming events. We proudly service the El Paso, Texas area. We also produce Mums and garters for other central parts of Texas.

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Reunion Team - High School Reunion Planners - Nationwide is a web site for a full service reunion planning company based in Houston, Texas, with staff experienced in planning memorable and successful high school reunions.

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        A great education starts in one of the many fine Texas high schools, which have more than their fair share of great minds in the making.

In addition to the standard academic programs that are in part regulated by the state board of education, Texas high schools are also quite well known for the talent of their athletic teams and fine arts programs.

When it comes to high academic standards, Texas high schools are just as well recognized as private high schools. There are also many high schools that specialize in a certain area of study for those who have expressed an interest in a particular career path. These "magnet" high schools often follow an accelerated learning program that prepares the student for higher education at the college level.

If you are looking more for a private school that matches your personal values, there are plenty of excellent choices in Texas. There are non-denominational private high schools which simply emphasize general Christian values without focusing on a particular sect. There are also a great many excellent private schools that choose to follow a particular spiritual path, with Catholicism being the most prevalent but certainly not the only option.