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        Texas water parks are some of the biggest and best water parks in the United States. If you are traveling through South Texas in the summer, you might be surprised to see just how many small towns (and big ones, too!) have their own water parks, ranging in size from a few slides and rides to whole towns filled with water, rafts and great Texas food. One of the best known Texas water parks is Schlitterbahn, located in New Braunfels. Renowned for its wide range of wild rides and relaxing pools, including more than three miles of "tubing," seventeen water slides, and three water coasters, Schlitterbahn has something for just about everyone in the family, whether they are thrill seekers or just looking for relaxation. In fact, it is so popular that two other locations have been opened in Galveston and Padre Island. Although it is one of the best known, Schlitterbahn is certainly not the only Texas water park. Smaller parks such as Splashtown offer just as much fun and relaxation as the theme park styled Hurricane Harbor, which is an affiliate of Six Flags. If you're a visitor to Texas, it won't take too many hours out in the sun before you realize just why Texas water parks are so popular.